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We are joining forces under the umbrella of one joint parent company.

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About Flowable and mimacom
mimacom, your innovative open source solution provider, and our technology-partner Flowable, are merging under the umbrella of one joint parent company. Combined, both entities will provide an even better offering and customer experience for you.
Flowable is a digital platform for business process and case management solutions that connects users and automates systems. It runs on one of the most performant, open source-based business process management engines available and has been successfully adopted by many companies around the world. Over the past several months, mimacom and Flowable jointly have already successfully implemented strategic customer projects at globally leading banking and insurance customers.
mimacom has successfully executed hundreds of complex digitalization projects since the company’s founding in 1999, based on our own advanced, methodological software development framework and the most innovative open source technologies available. We will continue delivering excellence with our existing technology partners like Pivotal, Elastic, Confluent and Liferay, and now in addition, Flowable.
mimacom and Flowable together will be at your service with an organization of more than 300 open source innovation experts in North America, Europe and Asia. It is our priority to continue delivering our services for you at the same, high quality level, and turn your digitalization projects into reality. Your mimacom contact person remains the same and we are looking forward to discussing how mimacom and Flowable can help you accelerate your growth and success in the digital era.
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On flowable.org, you can download Flowable Core, the free open source version of Flowable. Here you`ll also find the very active Flowable OSS community, documentation and examples.
On Flowable.com, you`ll find everything around the digital platform for business process and case management. You can learn about the benefits and differences of Flowable Core, Flowable Platform and Flowable Engage and find information on subscriptions, consulting services and partnerships.
On mimacom.com, you`ll find everything about the services and solutions that mimacom`s Digital Innovation Engineers are creating for our customers every day.
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Introducing the Flowable Process Engines
by Paul Holmes Higgin & Joram Barrez
Making Process Personal
Paul Holmes-Higgin and Micha Kiener at bpmNEXT
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One of the largest banks in the world, ranking in the top 10 of biggest investment banks, is using Flowable to engage with customers and provide service through customer-chosen communication channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, or the bank`s website.
Flowable Engage allows a seamless, first class customer experience for all regulated and non-regulated processes and customer inquiries. From opening accounts, over account changes and banking transactions, to recurring standard procedures such as annual KYC-checks – everything is handled efficiently and customer-oriented by Flowable.
A Swiss private bank is using Flowable Engage to provide custom, client-oriented 24-7 wealth management services in the areas of account activity, management of assets, portfolio management and investment opportunities. Flowable enables the private bank to engage with their customers through any preferred communication channel, at any time of the day, wherever in the world the client is at that time.
The Case for Chat: Innovative Customer Engagement with Business Processes
Watch out our webinar on demand, where Paul Holmes-Higgin, Chief Product Officer at Flowable and Micha Kiener, Chief Technology Officer at Flowable introduced the opportunity for innovative customer engagement using business process and case management in Flowable Engage. The live-webinar was hold on 26 April 2018.

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Will Flowable continue to be open source and free?
We will continue to offer a free, open source version of Flowable. It`s called Flowable Core and can be found on flowable.org, along with documentation and the community working on it. If you need support or a functional enhancement of Flowable Core, please contact us through flowable.com.
I need information about Flowable Products, who do I contact?
If you already have a Flowable or mimacom contact, you can ask them directly. If you`re new to Flowable or mimacom, please fill out the contact form on this landing page and we will get back to you with the right contact person.
What happens to edorasware?
The entire edorasware team will continue their work, together with the Flowable team, at Flowable. We will also continue our work and support at all existing edorasware customer projects. edorasware as a brand will disappear and be replaced by our new brand name Flowable.
Are there any changes for mimacom customers?
For mimacom customers, nothing changes. Your contact persons in sales and operations remain the same, and all projects will continue as planned. mimacom will continue delivering excellence with our existing technology partners like Pivotal, Elastic, Confluent and Liferay, and now in addition, Flowable.

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