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"The Case for Chat: Innovative Customer Engagement with Business Processes"

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Watch out our webinar on demand, where Paul Holmes-Higgin, Chief Product Officer at Flowable and Micha Kiener, Chief Technology Officer at Flowable introduced the opportunity for innovative customer engagement using business process and case management in Flowable Engage. The live-webinar was hold on 26 April 2018.
Paul Holmes-Higgin
Paul Holmes-Higgin
CPO by Flowable

Previously co-founded Alfresco with positions as VP Engineering and Chief Product Officer, including managing the Activiti BPM project and subsequently taking Activiti to market. Paul has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence

Micha Kiener
Micha Kiener

CTO by Flowable

Established edorasware, a Case Management product company based on Activiti BPM, now built on the Flowable open source engines.
Previously co-founder and CTO of mimacom.



» Introduction: Bringing Flowable and mimacom together
» The Flowable Product Portfolio
» Flowable Engage: A new way to connect with your customers
» Q&A Session
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